ECG Monitor & Activity Watch – Move ECG Watch​

ECG Monitor & Activity Watch – Move ECG Watch​

ECG Monitor & Activity Watch - Move ECG Watch

ECG monitor and activity watch is a latest and advanced watch technology. It is a very useful gadget in today’s world of diseases specially cardiac ones. Million of people die due to heart illness each year. People usually don’t have an acknowledgment of they are suffering from heart diseases. They get attacks and ultimately die.

ECG monitor and activity watch is a watch built for beyond time check use. It is a special watch that has an electrocardiogram system for checking the heart health at any instant of time. Electrocardiogram is a special test to detect the rythm and any kind of disorderness in normal heart health. It is a test used for measuring electrical activity of heart.

How this watch works as an electrocardiogram

ECG monitor and activity watch has special technology which can detect the artrial fibrillation; a condition when the heart beats too slowly, too fast or in an irregular way. This condition sometimes cause death too as it causes heart failures. ECG monitor and activity watch detects any kind of abruption other than normal.

To know an electrocardiogram test result, you have to short press the button in watch to launch an electrocardiogram. The results made by electrocardiogram can be obtained by health mate app during or after the test. The app shows if there is any disorderness in the normal functioning of heart.

Other features of ECG monitor and Activity Watch

During day time, watch displays time and step count. It’s built-in work out mode tracks your activity by chronometer and then displays it on your smart phone. The watch has tracking GPS system which gives a report and map of the route. You can even share the visualization of your adventure through it. The feature is also capable of tracking your sleep and other throughout the day activities. It is really an amazing watch that will make you feel better with yourself. What is worth more than feeling better and at ease in a world full of tyrannies and worries.

Features- A Thorough Synopsis

  • It is a user friendly hand held gadget.
  • It gives an instant measure of any disturbance in your heart activity thus reducing the AFib risks.
  • A person can suffer from AFib while not knowing it. It is really beneficial in giving the person an apprehension of any kind of cardiac issue at any instant.
  • It has a built in GPS system.
  • The watch provides you your activity track.
  • It gives your sleep or working track.
  • Smart wake up feature is capable of waking you up on a perfect time with deep cycles and light interruption feature.
  • Altimeter induced in design measures floors climbed in meters/feet.
  • Maps your path.
  • Is capable of providing a visualization of your adventure.
  • It is waterproof up to 50m depth.
  • It’s battery life is excellent.

There are some drawbacks in the watch too. For example, privacy risks of consumer data by consumer wearables. It is also costy and suffers from inaccessibility challenge. The watch also lacks continuous monitoring problem.

But, apart from these, the watch is truly very useful and a consumer friendly device.

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