With so many more people today being stuck indoors and likely having extra free time, Consumer Justice Concord has introduced a new gaming section or feature which deals with games who offer rewards for playing them. 

Our REAL REWARD GAMES’ section gives consumers an opportunity to play games which allow them to make all kinds of rewards for spending their time to play these various games.  Cash, gift certificates, coupons, product gifts, etc. can all be earned on these “reward games” being offered today. Most of the games are even free to get or download.

These games offer a wide variety of different types of game play including bingo, chance, Casino style play such as dice, poker, spinning wheels and slots, chess, card games such as solitaire, match – matching games, puzzles, taking surveys and watching videos, word games such as crossword puzzles and others.  All manner of play which could come to interest most all consumers.

Our aim is to provide information and support for those who play these games wanting to earn their rewards.  Our role is to ensure that consumers do indeed get the very rewards they have earned or were promised.

Our opening list of games is over 300 strong.  We will be providing over the weeks ahead detailed descriptions and information about these various games, what nature of play they are, and so on.  Important information to help direct you to proper game or games that you as a consumer could enjoy. 

Yes, we will happily confirm to you that there are indeed great games and good companies who deliver the promised rewards you will see out there.  Those are the very games, and companies which we look to support and promote to consumers everywhere.  Good companies deserve more users and consumers deserve every free reward they can get.

If you would like to write us about any matter or concern that you might have, you can write us today at: realrewardgames@eliteweb.site   

We wish you good gaming and many happy rewards.