Is Price Everything or Just One Factor? ​

Is Price Everything or Just One Factor? ​

Is Price Everything or Just One Factor?

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The most important factor affecting the price of a product is the product cost. The same principle also applies in the case of services. The product cost will be inclusive of production, distribution costs, and selling and promotion costs.

Nothing is simpler than the price. Only number, amount, point of equilibrium between supply and demand. But in recent years, understanding prices and their evolution has become a real headache.

Price; is one of the things everyone faces every day: the cost of products, services, living. That’s why it is an essential element of our society and economy. Prices surround us, and we are constrained, but they are needed to maintain trade and market balance.

Price remains a key element in enabling a market economy system function. It has to do with everything that has to can be exchanged. Prices seem the consumer is very rarely a negotiator. Prices have a life clean, independent of their approved transactions. In all cases, we can compare prices, reflect them, and set a price for someone.

When you are faced with advertising, a new product, clothing, furniture, you first need to look at its price. For the consumer, the price reflects the product’s image, which is why it is so important.  Price is first and foremost an economic concept. It may refer to the amount of money owed to the buyer of the goods or the recipient of the services to the seller or service provider. Okay, of course, there are different types of prices.